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I gave him & card & he said he'c call me when he got in & maybe we could have a drink together.There was snow on the ground in Butte & it wasn't nice fresh snow but dirty snow that had accumulated all winter & would be there til warm weather came.

The big mining company had closed the mine shafts & was doing strip mining.Huge parts of the city had been gobbled up & one pit was said to be the largest on earth.My motel was on the interstate business loop & was practically empty except for a few business travellers like me & the brave souls who travelled the interstate this time of year.Driving in I saw a Flyin J Truck Stop & made a mental note to check it out later.The motel had a big central court with an inside wet are with pool, hot tubs, etc, After gettin settled in, I fished out the old whit speedo that I carry along just in case.I grabbed a towel, put on a bathrobe & went down to the pool .

It was completely deserted, so I swam some laps til I was tired & then sat in the hot tub. Being from Florida, I wasn't used to seeing people with not a hint of tan.

I hadn't been in the hot tub 3 minutes til a couple of middle aged guys appeared & They weren't bad looking guys, probably what you'd call bears. Each of them had on gold wedding bands, but they seemed to be together, so maybe they were a couple.

read part 1 here This part is all about Butte, but don't worry I'll be getting back to SLC & my state trooper. I was the only person in first class on the flight to Butte, so I had the only first class steward hovering over me practically the whole flight.

We talked & he kept me supplied with snacks & sodas.

He let me know in subtle ways that he was gay & sure would like to have my straight cock in his queer mouth.

I told him where I was staying & he said the flight attendants stayed there too but he wouldn't get there til late cause they had to shutlle back to SLC & then up to Butte again.